Where will we be, how will we get there, who might we become?

For its fall 2018 issue, MAYDAY Magazine invites submissions of fiction, poetry, essays, book and film reviews, interviews, works of translation, and visual art that address the theme of SPECULATION. We seek writing that provides insight into what is by contemplating what could be (or what could have been). How does imagining other worlds—other histories, other galaxies, other dimensions, other consciousnesses—teach us about who and what we are...or who we may be?

Submissions may speculate on the personal (loves lost, roads not taken, disasters avoided) and/or the political (possible histories, histories of the possible, events that didn’t happen, events that may happen in the future) and/or the cosmic (what could have been but isn’t, what should never be yet feels inevitable). Submissions need not fall into specific genres such as horror, sci-fi, or fantasy, though writing in these areas is welcome. Whatever the form or writing tradition, MAYDAY remains committed firstmost to literary quality: clear language, strong images, memorable characters, innovative structure, and compelling insights.

Extended deadline for submissions is September 15, 2018.

Please see our online submission manager for specific guidelines.