José Ð Almeida Scenes of Catharsis: A Gallery
NONFICTION Bobby Neel Adams The King of Sixth Street
  Rebecca Cook Yellow Cake
  Joanna L. Grisham The Stranger
  Bryan Paiement Reserved for the Son
FICTION Tetman Callis Yttat
  Michelle Davis Broken
  Jacob Doyle If You Were the Ice
  Jeff Friedman Seeing Letitia
  Micah Dean Hicks Dog Summer
  Josh Peterson The Center for Religious Extremism
  Richard Sonnenmoser Eating Cake
  Brett Strickland Beautiful Teeth
POETRY Jason Lee Brown * Made in Part from Corn
or Corn-Fed Animals
  Rob Cook

On the Four Train
to the Ends of the Moon

Norwegian Deer Trails

  Ron Czerwien Poem for the Next Stranger I Meet
  Ellen Elder The Body
  Benjamin Goldberg Born-Again Mystic
  Anthony Jones Oh, So You're an Actor?

Marcel Lecomte
translated by K.A. Wisniewski

  John McKernan

Hello  Zero

This Thought of Susan

  Eduard Mörike
translated by Maggie Roseneau
Brimstone Butterfly in April
  Tara Mae Mulroy The Family Pet
  Kate Partridge For Tameness
  Mark Parsons The Silver Surfer Goes Shopping for an Engagement Ring
  Frederick Pollack Cities and Years
  Derek Pollard Raggedy Andy
  Mary Quade The Tomato
  Maggie Rosenau you and self: do not force the lust weak-willed
  Jeffrey Taylor Canyonlands National Park
  Kirby Wright At the Memorial Park
  Ryo Yamaguchi Cheat