New Poetry and Fiction from the Midwest

To bring more visibility to the flourishing crop of Midwestern writers who consistently produce work that is innovative, engaging, finely crafted, and strong in voice, New American Press releases a new volume of recently published work from the Midwest each year.

New Poetry from the Midwest and New Fiction from the Midwest currently alternate publication every other year. To find out deadlines and other details, check the most updated information at our online submission manager, Submittable.

“Midwestern” is a term both vague and diverse in meaning, and we will seize on these qualities as we gather the best work from the Midwest. We want stories and poems with heart. We also want to explode the generally accepted notions of what the Midwest is and what Midwestern writing is, while honoring its rich and long-standing traditions.

What counts as work from the Midwest? We welcome writers who currently live in, pursued an education in, or were born in one of the following twelve states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, or Wisconsin. We also welcome work by writers addressing any of these states, or the region as a whole. If you believe there's something about you or your writing that resonates with the Midwest, we're probably interested.

Contributors receive complimentary copies, a 50% discount on future copies, and the opportunity to be further recognized with a $100 Heartland Poetry Prize or the Jay Prefontaine Heartland Fiction Prize.


New Stories from the Midwest 2018
Guest Editor: Antonya Nelson
Series Editors: Jason Lee Brown and Shanie Latham
ISBN 978-1941561188

Featuring work by Mike Alberti, Ron A. Austin, Abby Bardi, Michael Byers, Alison Clement, Robert Day, Steve De Jarnatt, Daniel A. Hoyt, Toni Judnitch, Keith Lesmeister, Kelly Magee, Rebecca Makkai, Christian Moody, Kim O'Neil, Leslie Pietrzyk, Kelsey Ronan, Valerie Sayers, Arlaina Tibensky, Cady Vishniac, and Rachel Yoder.


New Poetry from the Midwest 2017
Series Editors: Okla Elliott and Hannah Stephenson
ISBN 978-1941561072

Featuring work by Susan Aizenberg, Fatimah Asghar, Julie Babcock, Roy Bentley, Kai Carlson-Wee, George David Clark, Heidi Czerwiec, Darren Demaree, Lara Georgieff, Matthew Guenette, Rebecca Hazelton, Katherine L. Holmes, Sean Karns, Ted Kooser, Corey Van Landingham, Amit Majmudar, Matt Mauch, John McCarthy, Richard Newman, Deonte Osayande, Julian Randall, Rita Mae Reese, Maggie Smith, Steve Tomasko, Claire Wahmanholm, Timothy Walsh, Mark Williams, Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, David Winter, and many more!

New Stories from the Midwest 2016
Guest Editor: Lee Martin
Series Editors: Jason Lee Brown and Shanie Latham
ISBN 978-1941561065

Featuring work by Thomas K. Atkinson, Charles Baxter, Catherine Browder, Claire Burgess, Peter Ho Davies, Stephanie Dickineson, Jack Driscoll, Nick Dybek, Stuart Dybek, Abby Geni, Albert Goldbarth, Baird Harper, Rebecca Makkai, Monica McFawn, John McNally, Emily Mitchell, Devin Murphy, Joyce Carol Oates, Lori Ostlund, Noley Reid, Christine Sneed, Anne Valente, Laura Van Den Berg, Joosh Weil, and Theodore Wheeler.

New Poetry from the Midwest 2014
Series Editors: Okla Elliott and Hannah Stephenson
ISBN 978-0984943975

Featuring work by Robert Archambeau, Ruth Awad, David Baker, Hadara Bar-Nadav, Roy Bentley, George David Clark, Sarah Coury, Karen Craigo, Pat Daneman, Steve Davenport, Peter Davis, Kwame Dawes, Rebecca Dunham, Kathy Fagan, Marc Frazier, Brandi George, Chris Green, Amorak Huey, Rochelle Hurt, Liam Hysjulien, Sean Karns, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Stephen Kuusisto, Lyn Lifshin, Sandy Longhorn, Kim Lozano, Richard Newman, Deonte Osayande, Rachel Peckham, Rita Mae Reese, Maggie Smith, Robert Stewart, Lee Upton, and more!

New Stories from the Midwest 2013
Guest Editor: Rosellen Brown
Series Editors: Jason Lee Brown and Shanie Latham
ISBN 978-0984943975

Featuring work by Alexander Weinstein, Chris Dennis, Mary Morris, Rachel Swearingen, Elizabeth Gonzalez, Greg Schultz, Roxane Gay, Justyn Harkin, Mark Mayer, Steve De Jarnatt, Susan Power, Sharon Solwitz, Ian Stansel, Mary Stone Dockery, Bonnie Nadzam, Gina Frangello, Kate Blakinger, Debbie Urbanski, Sarah Elizabeth Schantz, and David Yost.



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