Requests for discount terms and questions about returns should be directed to our Sales and Marketing Director, Tom Wells.

New American Press generally accepts returns within six months of invoice date, according to the following conditions:

  • Books ordered at discounts greater than 40% are non-returnable.

  • Total returns cannot exceed 20% of combined invoices for any title over a 12 month period; returns in excess of 20% for a particular title over a 12-month period will be destroyed without customer credit.

  • All returns must include a copy of the original invoice; returns arriving more than 180 days after invoice date will be destroyed without customer credit.

  • All returns must be shipped at the customer’s expense; customers are encouraged to use a shipper providing insurance and tracking capabilities. New American Press cannot issue credit for merchandise lost or damaged en route.

  • All returns must be in original packaging and in perfect condition; returns not meeting these requirements cannot be credited, and will be disposed of without further notice.

  • Approved returns will be credited minus a 10% handling fee.



After perusing some reviews at The Coil and Story366, check out Wayne Harrison's story collection WRENCH. After reading it, Andre Dubus III said, "Not since I read the stories of Breece D'J Pancake nearly thirty years ago have I felt so strongly about the debut of a writer of short fiction as I do Wayne Harrison."

UNACCOMPANIED MINORS, the multiple awards-winning story collection by Alden Jones, is ready to read! Check out her interview at Bloom.

Check out JAR OF PENNIES, the poetry collection by Sean Karns that the Los Angeles Review says "evokes for readers the self of a nation . . . divided, caught in the turmoil of the heartache of love."

TAURUS, poems by Paul Nemser, is ready for your order. See what the Huffington Post has to say about this myth-infused love story set amongst the sentient robot arms of contemporary St. Petersburg.

ELECTRICITY & OTHER DREAMS, a collection of magical stories by Micah Dean Hicks, is available and people like it. Check out the starred review at Publishers Weekly!

THE THAW, stories translated by award-winning Icelandic novelist Ólafur Gunnarsson, is ready for your nighttable. In the meantime, see what they had to say at the University of Rochester's Three Percent.